What We Do

Volunteer program

Most of our supported organizations require volunteers to help them in various aspects of their management and administration process.

We also use our volunteers as the link between them and our organization. We have a vibrant volunteer program to expose individuals to the world of charity and corporate industry.

We take all careers though we only engage on a need-to-need basis. The volunteers are on a stipend to help them manage their daily expenses, but exposure to the world of volunteering is the most crucial benefit.



Health program

Health is wealth, and without health, there is no wealth. We come in handy to run several health programs that are tailored based on a specific project. Some of them include vaccination programs based on the needs assessment reports. We also run free medical camps to improve the health standards of the target audience to seek better services.

Our health programs are successful because of our partner organizations, who have offered tremendous support anytime we call for their help.Moreover, they are also responsible for providing medical supplies among other health equipment required during the medical camps. They include hospitals, medical professionals, and medical related companies.

Disaster management

No one plans for the crisis, especially the ones originating from mother nature. We have a disaster management program that comes in handy during such times; we look at the needs and gear the programs.

Some of the areas of concern include providing food for flood victims, providing clothing for people affected by a collapsed building, temporary settlement for refugees or people affected by natural disasters, and offering first aid for flood victims.

Environment and sanitation program

Our environment is our future. We focus on environmental conservation activities with an emphasis on opting for environmentally-friendly products.

We partner with like-minded organizations to empower the public to save and conserve the environment for future generations.

Capacity building program

Knowledge is power. As an organization, we believe in sustainability as part of our core principles.

We want people to enjoy life still, whether after the end of any of our programs. We do this through capacity-building workshops which include seminars, workshops and conferences. It enables the target audience and community to own the projects and manage sustainability programs away from our systems and network.

We only come in to offer support and technical advice. We also have short courses, which also come in handy to build their knowledge base.

The mentorship program under this project is also a plus to the vulnerable communities, for they have someone to look up to for guidance, wise counsel and role model in what they do to its success.

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