Volunteerism in Humanity

Written By: Clifford Berces

Date Published: February 1, 2018

People are endowed with different wealth and successes. It makes no sense of owning too much when someone somewhere wholly lacks even a basic need. This is the gap that Non-Governmental Organization fill to help the less fortunate in the society.

They may just have the materials but lack the capital to pay wages hence a stipend comes in handy to sustain volunteers who go out of their way to ensure they achieve the goals of the organizations.

Volunteerism comes in the form of material or human resource. The human resource volunteerism means that they work for the organization without any payment. The Red Cross Society volunteers is a global organization which runs one of the worldwide volunteer programs. Every organization has different policies when it comes to dealing with volunteers. If you want to join any of the organization, make an application and get all the details which include accommodation and nature of the work such that you prove if its line with your schedule.



In some case, it could just be short-term in which it is only your services that are required. An example is a medical mission where doctor volunteers come in handy to offer medical services in a particular community.

We have had cases where the volunteers have come up and built a hospital as a long-term solution to a health program. A simple medical camp escalated to a mission hospital to enhance the therapeutic development goals.

You must also consider the government policy of that host country so that you do things legally, and it prevents any court battles and fines which might drain the finances of the organization.

The other form of volunteerism id through material donation. In this case, they may opt to personally go to the target beneficiaries and give out the donation in person.

Alternatively, they look for a whole organization which they channel all the donation and the entire work I left to the experts to check how it reaches the beneficiaries.

The benefits of volunteerism to humanity include

Boosts your confidence
You have a chance to showcase your skills and practice them. It is through this exercise that you realize that you have the potential to handle somethings which boosts your confidence.

Make a difference
Humanity is a delicate discipline such that when you are part f making a difference in someone’s life in itself is satisfactory.

social interaction
This is a chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds right from the volunteers as well as the community you are serving. It widens your level of thought and reasoning with a choice of looking at life from a positive angle and appreciating what you have however little- others lack at all.

In one’s lifetime, you must look at last more volute to have a complete lifestyle. It gives you a chance to take part in positively brightening someone’s life- it makes you happy and satisfied. At the same time, you will learn new skills in the process of making a difference. These skills come in handy to enhance your knowledge which you might use in your future life.

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