Table Saws Do Not Have Any Effect in Climate Change so its safe to do charity works

Written By: Clifford Berces

Date Published: May 27, 2020

We live in a beautiful, fascinating planet, with huge green spaces and undulating hills, high mountains and endless plains, vast oceans, and numerous lakes. A precious place, the only one we have available to live and therefore we must take great care of.

Unfortunately, however, over the years, with the modern era, the introduction and spread of plastic, the invention of cars with their uncontrolled combustion of harmful exhaust gases, the use of deodorants and spray cans, the fumes produced by various industries, especially chemical, have caused that our country has undergone negative changes, first of all, and ‘without doubt the phenomenon of global warming, and a change in the global climate, characterized by an increase in average temperatures of the Earth’s surface, which began in the twentieth century and is still ongoing.

Due to the release into the atmosphere of a very high quantity of gas, the average temperature has increased in recent years by 0.18 degrees Celsius, and not only does gas like deforestation, it has contributed to the warming of the climate in an irreversible way, which has devastating consequences for our planet, the main one being the melting of the ice, which also has an impact on a decrease in the drinking water available to us. Another negative repercussion is the overheating and rising of the oceans, because of which many marine species are now at risk of extinction. even the desertification that advances inexorably seems to be caused by this phenomenon. given the disastrous consequences, then, starting a few years ago, environmentalists began a real campaign, to raise awareness among people, but especially the big industries to this problem.

A real boycott of those products that affect global warming has begun, such as, for example, spray deodorants, the reduction of the use of fossil fuels by encouraging the use of alternative energy sources such as water, solar and wind power. We also try to reduce the harmful effects produced by the use of machinery, in this regard many manufacturing industries have committed to begin production of machinery that does not cause damage to the environment, and, in a country covered for the most part by trees, one of these machines is the table saw, a very used tool which today can ‘also boast the characteristic of being “friend of the environment”. It’s the object undoubtedly more used not only by professional carpenters but also in the field of “do-it-yourself” because it is convenient to use, serves to engrave and cut the wood. The main part of this tool is the serrated blade of circular shape.

There are two main types of saws, the portable one and the table saw: the first model is lighter, easier to handle and therefore suitable to be transported where we like, the second model has a fixed seat and is able to cut the wood in a more precise way; on the market we can find many models, suitable for all needs, for the smallest one for domestic use, for the largest and most powerful one, suitable instead for construction and industrial use. Whatever the model, the table saw has an electric power supply, without the emission of any gas or waste substance that may in some way be responsible for climate change, so we can use this tool whenever we need it, without being afraid that this may cause problems to our beloved planet. fortunately, not only table saws can boast this feature but more and more objects now work with alternative energy sources, in complete respect of the environment.

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